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WHAT WOULD IT TAKE FOR YOU TO FEEL MORE SUCCESSFUL? If you could experience more satisfaction and productivity, would you be interested? Would you like to maximize your time, tap into your creative flow and feel more alive than ever before? Are you hungry for a refresher for your spiritual life, faith and the power of prayer? All of these things contribute to the fulfillment that comes from living The Inspired Life.

How would you feel if you could learn the steps and systems that could take you there? These are the things Beth Jones has asked thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years. And these are vital questions for you to consider now.

YOU CAN GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL! If your life could really go to the next level––if you could realize the dreams you’ve had hidden in your heart for years–wouldn’t you want to know how? If you could expand your capacity, ignite your creativity and structure your life to succeed–would that put fresh wind in your sails? Wouldn’t you get excited about experiencing the fulfillment of your “impossible dreams” if you knew you wouldn’t fail? That reality isn't just a pipe dream, this is what Beth Jones has been helping people to realize for many years––bigger dreams, more purpose and a deep feeling of satisfaction, stronger faith, more inspiration–plus the confidence and skill set required to achieve that reality.

​If you could dedicate and invest several weeks of your life from the comfort of your own home, during anytime of the day or night, to learn the steps, systems, blueprint and processes you needed in order to be successful and go farther faster–wouldn’t it be worth your time?

YOU NEED THE TOOLS! Through The Inspired Life Academy, Beth is offering to train and mentor you to with the tools and systematic process you need to chart your course and get from where you are now to where you want to be. This is your time to succeed!

If you're ready to get serious and do the hard work needed to increase your capacity, to be more productive and to experience success and live the inspired life, subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know when enrollment opens for The Inspired Life Academy!

8 Week Online Academy  |

Are you ready to find your purpose & step into your potential?

The Inspired Life Academy

6 Week Online Academy  |

​Get trainted to write and publish your book! 

About BethJones.Co


YOU HAVE A BOOK INSIDE OF YOU! Is your heart burning with a story you want to tell, an expertise you want others to learn, or a message you must share with the world? Are you stuck and not sure what route to take to get your book published? Are you trying to understand the changing landscape of self-publishing, traditional publishing and digital publishing? Have you been looking for the best ideas for distribution, publicity, marketing and employing social media to get your book to a wider audience? The Inspired Authors Academy is what you've been looking for!

It's reported that nearly 80% of the population has a desire to write a book, so what separates those with a desire from those who actually do it? Knowing how!

YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW! Are you ready to learn the step-by-step process on the who, what, when, where, why and how of your book? Interested in training tips for finding your voice, establishing a writing schedule, getting a good editor, finding an illustrator, determining the best book layouts and cover designs? Want to get a handle on navigating copyright, ISBN and bar codes, knowing where to print your books, figuring out how to create your ebook and audio book and understanding the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing? Are you interested in marketing and distribution tips? Ready to learn how to build your platform, set up a website, integrate your social media and sell your book through multiple outlets? When you learn the simple, step-by-step system Beth has used over the years, you'll have answers to these questions and be on your way to being a published author.

Think about what publishing a book will mean to you. Take a moment to envision the satisfaction you will experience by seeing people's lives encouraged, educated, inspired and transformed by your book! Imagine holding your own book in your hands. Think about what it will be like to help others by giving them a hard copy or digital copy of your book.

​If you're ready to turn the author inside of you loose, subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know when enrollment opens for The Inspired Authors Academy.

The Inspired Authors Academy 

BETH'S EXPERIENCE: For over 30 years, Beth and her husband Jeff have been building and leading a growing church, a staff of 50 employees, hundreds of volunteers and a congregation with thousands of members. Those experiences along with a passion to teach the basics of faith and success have allowed Beth to speak and teach people from all walks of life, ages, cultures and backgrounds. She has spoken in seven countries and helped thousands of people around the world get a grip on the basics of a successful life in order to reach their dreams and excel beyond self-doubt, job loss, toxic relationships, fear and insecurity. Beth teaches people how to develop their gifts and expand their influence. 

BETH'S BACKGROUND: As a happily married wife and mother of four young adult children, she knows what it takes to juggle marriage, family, friendships and a busy professional life. Through the online academies, she teaches people how to prioritize and manage the pace of life, while still having fun, getting things done and pursuing their purpose. Now, it's your turn!

The strategies, steps, systems and processes you'll learn through the BETHJONES.CO academies are the culmination of Beth’s three decades of experience, study, writing, and teaching. It’s the same information she’s taught to business people, athletes, college students, artists/musicians, coaches, authors, speakers, church leaders, educators, politicians and staff to help them take their success to another level.

The Inspired Life Academy

will LAUNCH in 2016.

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The next Inspired Authors Academy
will start in September 2015.

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6 Weeks of Step by Step Training
Access Material 24/7 At Your Own Pace

Each Module Includes: Numerous Training Videos, Downloads, Worksheets plus BONUS TRAINING!

Module #1: THE BASICS: Who, What and Why of Becoming an Author

Module #2: PUBLISHING LANDSCAPE: How to Enter Traditional, Self & E-Book Publishing

Module #3: SHOW ME THE MONEY - How to Make and Lose Money in Publishing

Module #4: GOOD CONTENT - Your Voice, Content & Editing, Where and When to Write

Module #5: BOOK DESIGN: People Do Judge a Book By Its Cover and Layout

Module #6: SELL THE BOOKS - Building Your Brand, & Platform, Plus Sales, Marketing and Distribution Strategies





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BETHJONES.CO is an online training company offering various academies to help people reach their potential by increasing in their personal productivity, creativity and success. Founder, Beth Jones' experience and reputation as a creative communicator and a successful, highly-productive leader of numerous endeavors are well established. Through BETHJONES.CO, she is sharing her knowledge and expertise with those ready to do the hard work necessary for being successful in fulfilling their dreams. In a nutshell, BETHJONES.CO is committed to helping people get the basics to live an inspired life and reach their potential.

TEACHING AUTHORS: Beth Jones is an author of 20 books, including the best-selling Getting a Grip on the Basics series of Christian growth and development books which have been translated into over a dozen languages and are being used throughout America and around the world. Beth knows what it takes to help authors navigate the necessary steps to get their books published. Through the Inspired Authors Academy, she shares the steps, processes and know-how aspiring authors need to make writing and publishing their books a reality.

TEACHING LEADERS AND CREATIVES: As a catalytic leader, she's pioneered numerous ventures including: co-founding and co-pastoring Valley Family Church, a multi-site, mega-church in Michigan with her husband Jeff, and launching the 2-year Valley University School of Leadership with over 200 graduates. Beth teaches people how to excel in vision, leadership, productivity, strategic planning and successful execution.

In addition, Beth has been instrumental in designing and building several performing arts/church auditorium buildings as well as building and remodeling several homes. She is the creator, writer and producer of a number of multi-media events, includingThe Retro Christmas Musical production which has been seen by over 28,000 people. Beth understands how to tap into the creative potential to design, write and build things. Through The Inspired Life Academy, she teaches people how to find their creative potential to live an inspired life.